Vietnam Northern Bike Loop – Ha Giang

The Ha Giang Bike Loop was the highlight of our Vietnam travels! Traveling by motorbike for four days through the endless mountains in the Ha Giang province in the very north of Vietnam provided an experience we could never have imagined. You are way off the beaten path as you drive through the small local villages where all the children are so happy to see you, and then the next minute your treated with the best mountainous view of your life! Whatever you do, set 4 days aside to add this into your adventure in Vietnam. Continue reading

Clothes Tailoring In Hoi An

Hoi An is an adorable little town famous for having the best tailoring of suits, jackets, and all things clothing in all of Vietnam. You can literally go with any idea you have and they will make it exactly how you want it. You can also go with no idea at all, and walk out with something beautiful. However, with so many places and so many options, it may be difficult to decide what you want, and where to go so we will help you out with some tips from our experience.

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Sand Dunes In Mui Ne

If you are looking for a desert experience without actually making your way to the desert, look no further than the White and Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam! This beach town features two different epic sand dunes for you to enjoy! About 20 minutes away is the Red Sand Dunes, with sand an orangy-red colour and lots of untouched dunes. About 1 hour away is the White Sand Dunes, featuring even bigger dunes and, you guessed it, white sand. Continue reading

All Around Cambodia – The Backpacking Itinerary

The Guide To Backpacking Cambodia

We spent exactly two weeks exploring Cambodia and felt like we covered a solid amount of the country. Cambodia has a lot of interesting but devastating history involving the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War, and a significant amount of landmines that you will have the chance to earn about. There is a vast amount of adventure to be had from big city, to small town, from driving up a mountain, to relaxing on the beach, and of course, exploring massive temples. Also, Cambodian food is absolutely delicious. Read on to learn the ins and outs of travelling Cambodia!

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Angkor Temples In A Day

How To Visit The Angkor Temples In A Day

Angkor Wat and the other amazing temples are a must see while in Siem Reap! Angkor Wat alone is the largest temple in the world, but the entire complex features a large number of stunning temples such as Angkor Thom, Bayon, Ta Prohm, etc. There is no way that you will see everything in one day, however, you can see a lot of beautiful temples and leave absolutely satisfied! In this article, we will let you know what temples to visit, how to get around, and how much you will have to spend.

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Adventurous Things To Do In Kampot, Cambodia

Off The Beaten Path In Kampot

Kampot, Cambodia is definitely an adventurous place where you can get off the beaten path and really enjoy yourself! Kampot is a small town with essentially everything you could want in walking distance, and with the adventure just a scooter ride away. Many people tend to skip Kampot, but we would rank it as our favourite place it Cambodia! Head to Kampot, you will not be disappointed. Continue reading