All Around Lombok; Senggigi, Mataram, and Kuta

In Lombok we arrived having no idea where we would stay or what we would do.  All we knew was we wanted to rent a scooter for a whole week and travel as much of the island as possible.  Our experience got minimized because we both ended up getting sick (each lasting only a day however), but aside from this, we had an amazing experience on the beautiful island and wouldn’t shy away from coming back and experiencing what the rest of the island has to offer!

Mount Rinjani

We personally did not climb Rinjani but this is probably the biggest attraction for people to visit in Lombok. A multiday hike to the top of the mountain, with what we’ve unfortunately only seen through pictures, offers a stunning view.  If we are ever back in this region of Indonesia, this will definitely be on our adventure.

1) What to do in Senggigi, Lombok

Get a Massage

For 70,000idr, sounds like a good deal to me.  Generally this is the price you’ll pay for an hour massage in Indonesia (depending where you are of course) but we treated ourselves twice in Senggigi.  Both times we went to Orchid Massage.


We found a small place where a lovely lady cooked us up local meals, which we probably went to every day we were in Senggigi.  Across from Bayan Lombok Gallery is a place called Warung Easy backpacker price. Also beside the Bayan Lombok Gallery we got some great rice with a tea, and it was probably the cheapest meal we ever ate in Indonesia.

2) What to do in Mataram, Lombok

Mataram Mall

You may not be interested in going shopping or buying anything but it is fun to see this local environment, and you can get something to eat while you’re here.

3) What to do in Kuta, Lombok

Kuta Lombok is fairly remote with minimal road traffic so we recommend a scooter for transportation if your comfortable with driving one.


Kuta Lombok has many lovely beaches you can explore.  Also, the best part is, its never busy.  The closest is Kuta beach, where you can find local children playing.  However, we recommend you explore around to other beaches, which we explored by scooter.  Our personal favourite was Mawun because of its beautiful crescent and mountainous surroundings.  We also talked to some boys for 15 minutes and bought a fresh pineapple from them.  Just be cautious because the water gets deep quick.  Other amazing beaches include Tanjung Aan, Pantai Aan, and many others where you can go surf.


Surfers enjoy to come here and enjoy the beauty of Kuta as it offers numerous surf spots.  We never got the chance to go surfing as the day we planned to check it out we had to turn our scooter around as a storm was approaching.  Some surf spots we researched however include, Mawi and Gerepuk, which you must take a boat to the wave, as well as Are Goling.

Bukit Merese

A beautiful hike at Tanjung Aan beach, start your trek up the hill for some beautiful views!

Visit the Sasak Village


Take a walk through a traditional village and visit the market they offer.  Some men stand outside to offer you a private tour to explain what everything is.


If you need an ATM, there are others in the town but we recommend you get over to the Novotel resort, tell the guard you want to use the ATM, and they’ll let you right in.  This ATM lets you take out more than all the others on the island by 500,000idr.  If your like us and take out the maximum each time to reduce charges, you’ll appreciate this.



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