Swimming with Nurse Sharks in Caye Caulker

Look no further than beautiful Belize for an amazing time with some nurse sharks.  When you arrive in Caye Caulker there are many companies providing options for snorkel and dive trips.  You do NOT need to prebook this.  Just walk up to the shop of your choice the day before to save yourself a spot on the next days trip.  If your feeling spontaneous one morning, you could even ask if they have room for you on the boat going out that morning. As we are not yet PADI certified (as of Apr 2018) we opted for a snorkelling trip.  No matter how you choose to visit the amazing Belize barrier reef, you will love it!

(Some photos from our trip at the bottom!!)

There are generally two snorkel options that all the different companies offer:

  1. Half day trip ($70BZD) which includes 3 snorkel stops:
  • Shark Ray Alley which is shallow enough for you to touch the ground and where you will be greeted by many Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays as you hop our of your boat (note – this is different than Shark and Ray Alley in Hol Chan Marine Reserve by Ambergris Caye/San Pedro)
  • The Channel is a much deeper area, approximately 10 metres according to the boat driver, where you will get to swim along the amazing barrier reef and see many fish and corals.  If your lucky you will also get a glimpse of a Moray Eel!
  • Coral Canyon which despite the name is another relatively shallow area where you will swim around some corals and get to see some other fish.

After snorkelling these three spots you will get some fresh fruit and water as you sail to another location to see some seahorses off a dock and then some large Tarpon fish.

We chose to go with the half day option as this was more budget friendly and had an awesome time!  However, the full day offers some other exciting spot, some of which we ended up visiting during our time in Ambergris Caye.  Check out our blog on Snorkelling in Ambergris Caye!

2. Full day trip ($130BZD) includes 3 different snorkel spots (with a bonus stop):

  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve which is a protected marine sanctuary with a beautiful array of fish, coral, and some other awesome ocean wildlife as you swim around the channel that is approximately 10 metres deep.
  • Shark and Ray Alley is a shallower area with plenty of nurse sharks and sting rays.  Here you may also get the chance to see a sea turtle and an eel.  As well, there are some beautiful corals with fish that you can see at this location.
  • Coral Garden is a stop which includes many beautiful corals and fish.  We did not personally visit this location on either snorkel trip we took.

If this trip interests you, be sure that the company you are choosing offers the BONUS stop in the North Channel for a chance to swim with Manatees!

After your snorkelling stops, you will sail to see the seahorses and the Tarpon fish while enjoying some water, fruits, and rum punch.

Don’t forget to check out our blog on our half day trip from Ambergris Caye!

Our recomendation: If you want to snorkel at both islands like us, two half day trips will cost you $140BZD and you get to snorkel twice.  If you want to maximize your one snorkelling trip from Caye Caulker and budget is not a factor, go with the full day.  If you are also visiting Ambergris Caye and only want to snorkel once on a budget, do your half day snorkelling trip from San Pedro.




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