What to do in Ambergris Caye, Belize

Fun Things To Do On Ambergris Caye!

San Pedro is the city on the lovely island of Ambergris Caye.  The city centre is much busier than its neighbouring island Caye Caulker with many golf carts driving around and bicycles rolling through.  We loved the feel of the island as you fit right in with the flow of the locals!

1. Take a snorkeling trip to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark and Ray Alley

Ambergris Caye is incredibly close to the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef. It would be a shame to miss the amazing experience of getting up close to the wildlife it has to offer including the super friendly nurse sharks and sting rays, as well as turtles, eagle rays, beautiful fish, and possible a moray eel. Check out our blog on Snorkelling in Ambergris Caye for more info!

2. Rent bikes or a golf cart

If you want to explore Ambergris Caye as much as possible, you are going to want to get yourself a means of transportation. Finding a golf cart to rent is not hard as there are many shops you can quickly spot out to get one. However, a more budget friendly option is to rent a beach cruiser bicycle. After some searching, there are only a few places we found to rent bikes. Two in the city center are Beach Cruiser Bike Rental and Icecream and Chill n’ Cruise Café & Bike Rental. Further north is Lisa’s Kayaking, SUP, and Bike Rental. You can get a pretty fair distance on the island using a bike (depending on your willingness to adventure of course)!

3. Eat local!

Nothing beats eating where the locals eat while travelling. In San Pedro there are many small shops offering Burritos, Fry Jacks, and other delicious local foods for around $3-$6BZD. In your burritos or fry jacks you can ask for anything you would like including beans, cheese, cabbage, egg, and your choice of meat (or not if you don’t eat meat).

4. Go for a drink at Tiki Maya


About 3 kilometers north of the San Pedro city center is where you find the small relaxing bar called Tiki Maya. Being budget travellers, we do not drink very much, but this place was highly recommended to us by a local so we though we should stop by. At the end of a dock is a two story wooden building, and if you go up to the second floor you can get a drink with a beautiful lookout onto the water. You can even get drinks on a tube as you sit on the water here! You can get a beer or local rum mix for $6BZD. They also offer many other drink and food options.

5. Kayak Out On The Ocean

If you want to go for a good paddle on the ocean, there is no better way then renting a kayak or a stand up paddle board. Down the street from Tiki Maya is Lisa’s Kayaking, SUP, and Bike Rental where you can rent kayaks and standup paddle boards for $20-$30BZD for an hour, or $30-$40BZD for half a day. There are also day and weeklong options available. Bikes are also available here at a good price but you would need a way to get here.

6. Visit the Truck Stop


The Truck Stop is an area with a bar and 3 different restaurants serving food from their transformed shipping containers with an eating area in the middle of it all. It is also very close to Tiki Maya and the kayak rental shop. It is a really interesting concept and worth the visit with all the various food options including local eats, pizza, south east Asian dishes, etc. This isn’t the most budget friendly eating stop, but it’s not the most expensive either. We snacked on 9$BZD basket of fries and $5BZD basket of fried plantain.

7. Visit the San Pedro Arts and Crafts market

Go check out the local souvenirs the market has to offer. We love strolling through a market, big or small, and checking out what they have to offer. They have thing such as bracelets, necklaces, wooden carved sculptures, bags, hammocks,

8. Catch a sunset

A islands visit is never complete without enjoying a beautiful sunset! At the west end of Pelican Street there is an open dock that you can go on and enjoy the sunset on. In the water of the dock you can catch a glimpse of some wildlife. As a local from the dock over showed us, if you pickup some fresh caught fish as food to throw, you will have some Tarpon fish, and depending how fresh the fish is, even a string ray or some nurse sharks swimming by the get some dinner.



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