The Belize-Guatemala Border – How To Get From San Ignacio, Belize to Flores, Guatemala

If your looking to get from San Ignacio to Flores and not looking to pay the price for a shuttle, your in luck because it is very simple to get between locations using local transport. The entire trip will cost $5BZD and Q35 per person (~$7.50USD)

Trip Summary:

  1. Take taxi from San Ignacio with license plate BVO ($5BZD/person)

-Find this towards the top of Church St or just ask directions to where you can get a BVO taxi

-Do not take San Ignacio taxis as they will be much more expensive going to the border

  1. Cross Belizean border customs building, and then Guatemalan border customs

-If you have leftover BZD and want to exchange it for Quetzal, do this with the money changers that will approach you before the Belizean border. They also take USD. There are also money changers between the two borders that will accept USD for Quetzal.

-Getting through the borders was very fast and easy for us, hopefully everyone has a similar experience. Remember, once you cross the border, people will now be speaking Spanish rather than English.

  1. Take colectivo (mini bus) to Flores (Q30/person)

-Once you get past Guatemalan customs and you are in Guatemala, walk approximately 100 meters over a bridge. You will take your first left past the bridge, and you will see the lot with a few colectivo’s on the right. Just ask which bus is going to Flores and they will get you in. Someone may also be at the corner before you have to make the left to help you out but it is easy to find if not.

-Note: this bus actually drops you off in Santa Elena, the town across the bridge from Flores.

  1. Take a Tuktuk from the bus station to your accommodations in Flores (Q5/person)

-You are walking distance from Flores but it is a decent distance to carry all your luggage, especially if your not exactly sure of the directions you must take.


After enjoying an amazing time in San Ignacio, it is time for you to move on into Guatemala. Your next destination is probably the lovely island of Flores as a new town to explore, and a base to visit Tikal National Park. Lucky for you, getting from San Ignacio to Flores is super easy, and very cheap. Your first step is to walk over to Church Street and find a taxi that has BVO on the license plate. These taxi’s are from Benque Viejo (closest town to Belize-Guatemalan border) and can’t actually work within San Ignacio, but often bring people to San Ignacio then wait for people looking to go back in their direction or past it to the border and only charge $5BZD ($2.5USD). This is why they cannot pick you up in the city centre where the San Ignacio taxis are often sitting and waiting. Do not take a San Ignacio taxi as they will require a much higher fee. Once you are dropped off at the border you will be approached by money changers who will take BZD and USD for Guatemalan Quetzals (GTQ). Their rates are not the best but you can bargain a little and you will want a little bit of GTQ for the next step. If/once you’ve changed some money continue to walk to the customs border building. The first is the Belizean side where they’ll stamp out your passport and you will pay your $40BZD ($20USD). Then you will continue on to the Guatemalan side of the border. We almost missed this building as we were looking ahead but it will actually be on your left side about 50 meters past the Belizean customs. At the same time taxi drivers offering to drive you will approach you. You can take them but they will cost you a lot more than what we did. Once getting stamped into Guatemala, continue walking straight about 100 meters and over a bridge. Just past the bridge you will want to make your first left. There will probably be someone at the corner trying to get your attention for a colectivo (basically a mini bus) so it will be hard to miss and just tell them your going to Flores and they will show you to the colectivo your looking for. However, in case they are not there, once you make the left, there will be a small lot on the right side where the colectivo’s will be and you can just ask which is going to Flores as there will not be that many. The colectivo should only cost you Q30 per person. The colectivo will take around 1.5 hours and drop you off at the Santa Elena Bus Station Market. This is walking distance from Flores but since you have just been travelling and have all your luggage you will probably just want to take a tuktuk for Q5 per person that will take your right to where you are staying in Flores. Although there are multiple steps, at each point it is very obvious what you will do next as long as you know what your looking for using these instructions.


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