The Belize-Guatemala Border – How To Get From San Ignacio, Belize to Flores, Guatemala

After enjoying an amazing time in San Ignacio, it is time for you to move on into Guatemala. Your next destination is probably the lovely island of Flores as a new town to explore, and a base to visit Tikal National Park. Lucky for you, getting from San Ignacio to Flores is super easy, and very cheap.

If your looking to get from San Ignacio to Flores and not looking to pay the price for a shuttle, your in luck because it is very simple to get between locations using local transport. The entire trip will cost $5BZD and Q35 per person (~$7.50USD)

Getting A Taxi From San Ignacio To The Guatemalan Border

You can take a taxi from the top of Church Street. As you walk towards church street, there will be a worker on the side of the street directing taxis and he will help you flat down the taxi you need to get to the border! Make sure that it is a taxi from San Ignacio with a BVO license plate. This will cost you around $5BZD/person.

NOTE: Do not take a San Ignacio taxi because they will charge you a lot more to get to the border

Exchanging Your Left Over BZD To Quetzal At The Border

If you have leftover BZD and want to exchange it for Quetzal, do this with the money changers that will approach you before the Belizean border (They also take USD). There are also men who will change your money between the two borders, however they will only accept USD for Quetzal.

Going Through Customs By Foot In Belize and Guatemala

Getting through the borders was very fast and easy for us, hopefully everyone has a similar experience. Remember, once you cross the border, people will now be speaking Spanish rather than English.

How To Get From The Guatemalan Border To Flores, Guatemala

Take A Colectivo From The Border To Santa Elena

Once you get past Guatemalan customs and you are in Guatemala, walk approximately 100 meters over a bridge. You will take your first left past the bridge, and you will see the lot with a few colectivo’s on the right. Just ask which bus is going to Flores and they will get you in. There was a worker standing at the corner when we arrived who brought us to a Colectivo. Expect to pay Q30/person for a colectivo to Santa Elena. You will get dropped off in a local market in Santa Elena.

NOTE: this bus actually drops you off in Santa Elena, the town across the bridge from Flores.

Take a Tuktuk from Santa Elena to Flores

-You are walking distance from Flores but it is a decent distance to carry all your luggage, especially if your not exactly sure of the directions you must take. This ride will cost Q5/person.

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