A Trip to Sumidero Canyon (Canon del Sumidero) – San Cristobal, Mexico

Looking for things to do in San Cristobal? Not far away is the beautiful Sumidero Canyon where you will get to enjoy some beautiful Mexico landscape, and observe some wildlife by the river. It is not everyday you get to cruise down the river of a canyon, and observe its beauty from a lookout. It is not everyday you will get the chance to see crocodiles in the wild.

Do I Need A Tour To Visit Sumidero Canyon?

Our biggest question when heading out on an adventure is, “Do we need to take a tour or can we do this on our own”? Tour companies in San Cristobal offer this adventure with an additional stop in the nearby town of Chiapa del Corzo around lunchtime and visits to the canyon lookouts.

The answer to our question (and possibly yours) is, you certainly do not need to take a tour, BUT you should and here is 3 reasons why:

  1. Once you arrive you will be hoping on the same boat as the tours anyways
  2. The tour costs $350pesos (18USD) and we spoke to the gentleman running our hostel who told us by doing the trip alone, we would only save about $12pesos each (0.64 USD).
  3. Most importantly, it would be difficult to get to the viewpoints on your own as you have to drive right up to them so you would probably have to get a taxi which would increase your cost a lot.

Why Should You Visit Sumidero Canyon

Now to tell you a little bit as to why you should definitely visit Sumidero Canyon on your visit in San Cristobal, Mexico. As a highlight attraction of San Cristobal, you get to admire the beautiful Sumidero Canyon from within and above. We definitely found the trip to be worth it! The sights were beautiful and getting to see wild crocodiles was definitely a highlight as well! If you in San Cristobal and take the trip to Sumidero Canyon, let us know how you enjoy it!

The Tour

You begin in a mini bus that leaves San Cristobal at 9am. After about 30-45 minute drive you will arrive at the boat dock. After a little waiting around, your group, and numerous others, will fill up a boat and head on down the river. Yes, you will be in a boat of about 40 people, which in our opinion sucks. We hate big groups when visiting places, however, we got the front seat of the boat so we literally felt like nobody else was there (because we could not see the other 38 people), so get that front seat if you can. As you cruise down the river you get to admire the huge cliff walls of the canyon and some awesome wildlife. If you’re lucky you will even spot some crocodiles and monkeys.

Once you reach the end point where you turn around and head back, a boat will pull up offering to sell snacks and refreshments. After the pit stop, you head back up the river to the boat dock where you meet back with your driver.

Second Stop: Chiapa Del Corzo

Once everybody is back in the van you will head off to Chiapa del Corzo, a pretty town where you will get about an hour free time to wander around and get some lunch if you please.

Third Stop: The Vietpoints

To finish off the trip you will driver to three different lookout points above the canyon to get a birds eye view! The road goes right to the lookouts so there is no hiking required to get there.

Once finished you begin heading back to San Cristobal where you will arrive around 5pm.

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