Adventurous Things To Do In Kampot, Cambodia

Off The Beaten Path In Kampot

Kampot, Cambodia is definitely an adventurous place where you can get off the beaten path and really enjoy yourself! Kampot is a small town with essentially everything you could want in walking distance, and with the adventure just a scooter ride away. Many people tend to skip Kampot, but we would rank it as our favourite place it Cambodia! Head to Kampot, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some things to do during your stay in Kampot:

Cave Temple

The cave temple is literally a temple in a cave, as the name suggests. The temple itself is nothing special, however, the cave is a fun little trek. You just have to pay $1USD to get into the cave, and pay one of the locals standing around $4USD to guide you through the cave. You technically don’t need the guide, the path through the cave is not laid out so you are going to want them. Now, we won’t lie, this is not the most amazing cave, and only takes about 10 minutes from entrance to exit, but it is pretty cool none the less. However, the most exciting part of the adventure for us was riding the scooter through the local villages to get there. All the roads were dirt (so for us in rainy season, mud) and you get to see all the local homes and how they live. All the children will want to say hello to you as you drive by. This is truly an off the beaten path feel, and a memorable thing during our stay in Kampot.

Bokor National Park

Take a drive up to the top of Bokor Mountain where you will find a lookout, church, small temple, pagoda, and surprisingly a casino! Along the way you will be treated with some lovely views and if you keep your eyes open, you will be able to spot a waterfall off the side of the road that you can hop the barrier and hike over too! Also at the top you can continue on the road to Popokvil Waterfall by following the sign. Half way up your drive, there will be a pit stop where you can grab some cheap lunch! We definitely recommend grabbing a scooter and exploring this one on your own.

Firefly Sunset Cruise

Every night, multiple boats head out to see the fireflies light up at night. For only $5USD you will get yourself a spot on the boat and two free beers included! The boat is set up like a restaurant so you can also get some good food while you sail on the river, but you do not have to. We recommend grabbing a spot on the top deck for the best view! As you approach the bridges, one of the workers will come around telling you to duck your head as the boats just fit under the bridge.

Take A Trip To Kep


In about 45 minutes, you can drive from Kampot to Kep on a scooter. Don’t be in a rush though because you will be dodging pot holes in the road. Kep was definitely worth the day trip. You can head over to the Kep Crab Market where you see the locals catching fresh seafood. Of course, you will also be able to get yourself some fresh seafood, including; crab, squid, fish, octopus, and numerous other options. Even if you do not want seafood, its still an enjoyable visit. After your market visit, you can take a drive through Kep National Park, which we recommend taking the route around the mountain as it still provides some views as you drive through the park.  You literally just drive in the entrance and follow the dirt road.



Every backpacker loves cheap food, so look no further than Captain Chim’s (which is also a guesthouse), for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, as well as cheap beer! Another one of our favourite stops was Kampot Pie and Icecream Palace, which offers food, but we only ever went for the pie! There pie is legit amazing and costs around $2USD a slice. You can also add icecream, and get a great coffee on the side. There is also cookies, and one day when we were in there they put out fresh donuts! Another nice eat as mentioned above is on one of the numerous boats for the Firefly Sunset Cruise. Finally, we love a good market with local food, so either head to Kampot Night Market or Bokor Night Market, both will likely be in walking distance from where you are staying.

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