Where To Visit and What To Do In Guatemala – A Backpackers Guide

Guatemala offers a wide range of adventure and has something for every traveller. The landscape is unbelievable and you will find yourself anywhere from the jungle, to a volcano, to a city in the mountains. Backpacking through Guatemala opened our eyes to such a diverse culture and we would recommend our itinerary to anyone!  Where to visit? What to eat? What to drink? What is my budget? Continue reading to prepare yourself for a trip to Guatemala! Continue reading

A Guide to Quetzaltenango (Xela) – How To Get There and What To Do

Sitting at a relatively high altitude of 2,330 meters (7,640 feet) is the beautiful city of Quetzaltenango. However, nobody calls it that but rather, refer to the city as Xela (pronounced: shay-la). Surrounded by mountains as Xela lies in the valley, the city offers amazing views, amazing culture, hikes, food, markets, etc. The city has a much less touristic feel than many other places you are likely to visit or have visited in Guatemala. Continue reading

Where To Visit And What To Do In Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is truly a beautiful place and well worth a visit for any traveller in Guatemala. This is the place where many people find themselves unable to leave in the time they originally thought they would. When you hear about Lake Atitlan, you imagine it to be like visiting any other town/city. However, Lake Atitlan is a lake with many villages and towns surrounding it that are all unique so you actually have to decide where you want to go. Continue reading

The Belize-Guatemala Border – How To Get From San Ignacio, Belize to Flores, Guatemala

After enjoying an amazing time in San Ignacio, it is time for you to move on into Guatemala. Your next destination is probably the lovely island of Flores as a new town to explore, and a base to visit Tikal National Park. Lucky for you, getting from San Ignacio to Flores is super easy, and very cheap.

If your looking to get from San Ignacio to Flores and not looking to pay the price for a shuttle, your in luck because it is very simple to get between locations using local transport. The entire trip will cost $5BZD and Q35 per person (~$7.50USD) Continue reading

What To Do In Lanquin, Guatemala – Visiting Semuc Champey and Other Adventurous Activities

A visit to Semuc Champey is a total must on your Guatemalan adventure! The beautiful limestone pools are one of a kind and an unforgettable experience as you get an amazing view from the lookout, and then get refreshed with a swim through them! Semuc Champey is situated in Lanquin, a town in the central highlands of Guatemala surrounded by mountains. Our experience in Lanquin was unforgettable as we feel we got to see a different side of Guatemala that we didn’t experience other places. Continue reading